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djWelcome to trueSound. Recording, Production and Marketing for music. My name is Joachim Rosenfeld. I want to invite you to our business. Being creative, successful and making good music. Singers, Bands, Artists feel free to call us. We and our partners help you with your ideas and realize a professional song, album, video … Do you want to know more about our acoustical engineering for studios, musicians, and more. RAS acoustic solutions, Ing.-Büro für Akustik ...

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What is RAS trueSound?

You know a record company, a music label and a music studio for production. Well, it is a bit of all of that, but in fact it is totally different. So stay tuned ...

What can we do for you as an Artist / Musician?

When, as we think, you will trust us for your business  "making music", we can and will support you in various different ways:

  • song writing, composition and arrangements with our partners
  • instrumental support with real musicians
  • singers for solo or background
  • instruments in studio quality
  • equipment and tools in high and highest grade studio quality
  • benefit from our knowledge in distributing music today
  • we be with you … on the compete way for you musical project, if you like

Recording music?

Yes, we record your music in our Studio or if you like in any environment we can imagine as a good creative base.

And yes, we have years of knowledge in the recording business. And yes, we know a lot about room acoustics so you can benefit from us for your best sound!

Give us and our partners a chance to let us be with you creative. We have all you need for a good mood in music. And how are you?

Is Mastering for music still neccessary?

It depends on what you will do. For a professional sounding piece of music it is always a very good idea to have:

  • controlling for all the possible recording and mixing issues
  • feedback for improvements ("Fix it in the mix or in the master…  NO, sorry this will not work!")
  • defined and well accepted sound character for the songs of an album
  • loud mixes, but not too loud for you music style
  • an radio- and tv-compatible product
  • security for you rights as an creative artist with all the code an stuff needed on an Audio CD
  • … more? Yes, please ask.

With your CD for a birthday present for example there is no need for that. And we can help you here, too. That will be not too expensive, please ask us.

By the way, when you master your song at our site, you can't go wrong. 100% satisfaction guaranteed! There will be a form for online mastering at a reasonable prize. Stay tuned!

Mastering tape or CD?

It doesn't matter, our high end mastering knowledge will satisfy you. Proof us wrong!

Learn more

There is much more to learn about RAS trueSound. Any interest? … for the moment please call (+49) (9568) 9214070